Anna Godzina

Noetic 2022

Iron, magnets, electric engines

60cm x 60cm x 15cm

Noetic explores the interaction between magnetized objects. Iron particles are exposed to the magnetic field of a magnet. The dynamic between these elements creates shifting shapes and new forms that are brough together in an installation which intends to evoke memories of landscapes. The piece consists of oxidized iron collected from a decomposing dam wall located on a shore. The iron, once chosen for its solidity as the material of the dam wall, today is falling apart due to floods and continuous exposure to humidity. Pieces of the dam wall where further crushed in the studio until they turned into dust. The iron dust was placed inside two circular shapes, which house structures made of magnets and engines. This animated the piece with movement and sound, adding a sense of vitality, of aliveness. Being in touch with the piece, that in many aspects resembles the image of earth and landscapes, my intention was to create a sensory experience that hints at the forces which shape and transform our surroundings.

Noetic 01 | by Anna Godzina. Noetic 02 | by Anna Godzina. Noetic 03 | by Anna Godzina. Noetic 04 | by Anna Godzina.

iMAL, Center for digital cultures and technology, Brussels, Belgium

Special thank to Domenikos De Visser

Images and video by Frank Holbein and Anna Godzina